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Artist: (after) Palladio, Andrea (Andrea di Pietro della Gondola)

Title or Name: Terza

Plate Number: 30

Publication: Trattato di Architettura di A. Palladio Diviso in Quattro Libri

Date Published: 1715

Medium: Copperplate Engraving

Paper: Laid

Condition: Excellent

Paper Size: 14″ x 9-1/4″ Plate Mark: 10-1/4″ x 7-3/4″

Includes: Brief Artist Biography

ID #: P 3880

Prints from this publication are quite rare

Architecture Antique Print

Andrea di Pietro della Gondola was known to history as “Palladio”, a name bestowed upon him by his mentor, the famed scholar Gian Giorgio Trissino. Palladio was an important architect in the Renaissance period, due in part to his meticulous study of Classical architectural forms. Palladio designed and constructed numerous buildings in Venice, culminating in three magnificent churches that still remain today: S Giorgio Maggiore, II Redentore, and Le Zitelle (S.M. della Presentazione). He published numerous books, including his masterwork “I Quattro Libri dell’ Architetture” in 1570. This book set out his architectural principles and practical advice for builders, as well as the set of meticulous woodcut illustrations drawn from his own works. This work was subsequently translated into every European language and remains in print to this day. These plates are from “Trattato di Architettura di A. Palladio Diviso in Quattro Libri”, published in 1715.

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