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Welcome to Fine Antique Prints and Art

Our on line gallery consists of an extensive inventory of rare antique prints, antique drawings, antique paintings, antique manuscripts, antique etchings and works on paper dating from the 16th through the 19th centuries. 

Our collection is comprised of various subject matters including Botanical and Orchids, Ornithology, Entomology, Ichthyology, Conchology, Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design, Mythical, and various other categories.  

Our inventory features the works of approximately 300 artists, authors, printers and publishers including Albin, Baltard, Barraband, David Bates, Besler, Bivort, Blackwell, Blondel, Buchoz, Campbell, Catesby, Chandler, Commelin, Curtis, De Bry, D’Urville, Dietterlin, Drury, Edwards, Ehret, Goldfuss, Gould, Holmes, Jonston, Kauffman, Kent, Knorr, L’Admiral, Le Clerc, Levaillant, Linden, Martinet, Merian, Alfred Jacob Miller, Munting, Nozeman, Parkinson, Paxton, Pennant, Piranesi, Plenck, Redoute, Regnault, Rossini, Roxburgh, Seba, Selby, Seligmann, Sweert, Trew, Valentini, Van de Passe, Van Geel, Weinmann, Wilson, Wirsing, Zanoni and many others.