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 Currently 4200 products available; last updated 4/27/13.

Our on line gallery consists of a large inventory of rare Antique prints, drawings, and paintings dating from the 15th through the 19th centuries, and is comprised of various subject matters ranging from Botanical, Ornithological, Natural History, Architecture, and numerous others.  Our collection features the works of approximately 300 artists, authors, printers and publishers including: Albin, Baltard, Barraband, David Bates, Besler, Bivort, Blackwell, Blondel, Buchoz, Campbell, Catesby, Chandler, Commelin, Curtis, De Bry, D'Urville, Edwards, Ehret, Goldfuss, Gould, Jonston, Kauffman, Kent, Knorr, L'Admiral, Le Clerc, Levaillant, Linden, Martinet, Merian, Alfred Jacob Miller, Munting, Nozeman, Parkinson, Paxton, Pennant, Piranesi, Plenck, Redoute, Regnault, Rossini, Roxburgh, Seba, Selby, Seligmann, Sweert, Trew, Valentini, Van de Passe, Van Geel, Weinmann, Wilson, Wirsing, Zanoni and many others.

Much of our inventory is meticulously presented with professional double matting, mounted with acid free materials, and ready for framing. The mat colors are carefully selected by a professional Interior Designer to compliment and enhance each specific image. The majority of our offerings include an artist biography, and when available, the original text and copy of the publication cover sheet will accompany our prints. We also offer an excellent selection of framed items, many in authentic Antique frames, and featuring hand lined and decorated mats.  Our extensive collection is competitively priced, as we strive to supply quality Antique prints and art to satisfy everyone from the rare art collector to the general art enthusiast, in prices ranging from $20.00 through $18,000.00.

We have provided a "Glossary" for your use; if there is any term or phrase used within this website that you do not recognize or understand, please refer to the "Glossary" for definition.  If you find a term or phrase that is not identified, please contact us for an explanation and we will be glad to address your inquiry.  

We hope you enjoy viewing our extensive collection, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional information. 

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